Will a Driveway Increase The Value Of Your House When You Sell It? Should You Build One If You Don’t Have One? Here’s What You Should Know About Driveways And The List Price Of Your House

Pretty-wooden-driveway-gate-designs-in-Landscape-Traditional-with-Alluring-Driveway-Entryway-Gate-next-to-Winsome-Brick-Gate-Post-alongside-Beguiling-Man-Gate-Nothing is better than a long, beautiful driveway. Think about when you are visiting a city; one of the fun things to do is drive around the best neighborhoods to look at all the pretty houses. This is why many cities have “tours” where they can go to these areas and learn the history behind them. So it’s no surprise that driveways can be a very big asset to a home, as sometimes it can “make” the home. They add a special appeal to the home. A beautiful driveway usually makes a person think psychologically that the inside of the home is probably exquisite as well.elights-long-driveway-lightingThat is another reason that a driveway is important; it can help sell your home faster. On the other hand, if the driveway is torn up with broken concrete, and tons of oil and grease stains, it will have the total opposite effect. Realize that if you decide to install a driveway, you aren’t necessarily going to “earn” more money on the home because of it. Again, it simply adds to the curb appeal which is one of the most important deciding aspects as to whether or not a buyer wants to purchase your home.

If there are aesthetic issues with the driveway, it may not completely deter the buyer away. However, it’s not a bad idea to figure out exactly what it would cost to make a few repairs to the driveway if they are minor. It could make a big difference, and if it won’t cost much to do, you may as well. Now is not the time to go crazy by trying to make your driveway look like one on Star Island. Choose practical and durable materials. If you need repairs on the inside of your home, don’t spend all your money on a driveway. While curb appeal gets buyers into the house, what they really care about is just that..the inside of the home.

Gravel can be a beautiful material to use for the driveway depending on the home. It will also be cheaper to install. Gravel driveways are generally inexpensive to install, and doesn’t take much time at all. It also can last forever if you maintain and install it correctly. Keep in mind that while home insurance policies sometimes cover driveways, it does not cover the driveway for every situation. For example, wear and tear is not usually included; neither are natural disaster damages. Be sure to check with home insurance policies and get a few quotes before you put an offer in on the house.

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  • Actually…we bought our house partially BECAUSE of the driveway. But it is a beautiful driveway, and it totally makes the house. It actually looks a lot like the main picture of the article. Doubt we would have bought it without the driveway.

    • Hello Chad. Completely agree. Curb appeal is EXTREMELY important. You’re very lucky to have such a beautiful driveway, it must be a very gorgeous home.

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