How Big Of a Difference Does Having an Attached Garage Make To Potential Buyers? Here’s What Sellers Need To Know About Having a Garage (Or Lack-thereof)


This article is designed to help you, as a seller, decide whether or not you should construct or repair a garage in your home. It is no secret that many buyers consider a garage an absolute requirement when shopping for a house. Many will not consider your home if it doesn’t have one. On the other hand, a person who likes your house might choose yours over another because it has a garage, even though they didn’t realize they wanted one. Garages are an extremely convenient asset to a persons life; not necessarily a financial asset to the home itself, but it adds a feeling of contentment to a homeowner.

Who has looked at a home and said “oh, it has a garage, I don’t want it.” Just about no one. However, if the garage is in horrible condition, or extremely tiny, they might not see it as an asset to their day to day life. Most people also want a garage that is of a decent size where they can keep their seasonal decorations, sporting goods, and any other miscellaneous things that they don’t have room for in the actual home.

GaragesĀ can increase the overall value of a home; when looking to sell your house, do Marvelous-minka-lighting-in-Exterior-Traditional-with-Garage-Door-Light-next-to-Garage-Door-Color-alongside-Garage-Lighting-andGarage-Door-Trim-not expect to yield thousands and thousands back on your home just because it has one. Without knowing the location of the house, the condition of the garage, and market comps, it is impossible to say whether or not the garage will make a difference in the final sale price.

If you choose to build one, don’t feel that you need to go “all out.” Buyers just want to see a nice garage that is well maintained. Double points if you have a double or triple garage. Single car garages are less desirable, especially if the homebuyer has a family.

In this case, usually two spots are preferred. However, if you are looking to purchase a one bedroom town home on your own, a one car garage isn’t usually a deal breaker, as town home communities generally have easy access to parking for your guests. In these situations, a garage will not increase the value of a home. If you can, try to make your garage door electric, rather than a self-opening gate. Gates that you open yourself sometimes can look very nice. But they are also generally inconvenient and constantly getting in and out of the car a few times a day to open it grows old after a while.

Another reason that buyers love to see garages is that usually they can be converted into rooms. If the buyers have a family, this is attractive to them, because it can be made into a playroom, or another functional room. As for expenses when building a garage, you must look at your budget to see what you have to spend on the construction as well as the materials. Good luck!

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  • There is no way I could live without a garage. However, I have a husband and two older children, and there isn’t a lot of parking on the street. We have a four car garage. I think once you have a garage, you’ll never go back.

    • Hi Stacy! Many people would agree with you. Some won’t even purchase a home without a garage (like you). Usually, these people are those who have already owned or rented a home that had a garage. It’s difficult to go back after having one, but people who have never had one usually aren’t quite as picky when house shopping in terms of a garage

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