Is Being Able To Take a Dip Every Once In a While Worth It? Here Are The Pros and Cons Of Owning a Swimming Pool, To Decide Whether Or Not It’s Worth The Financial And Legal Risk

Owning a pool is a serious responsibility. Pools have to be monitored and repaired as needed. IOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAt costs money for cleaning tools, chemicals, and re-filling frequently to be sure the water doesn’t get low. Another yes, is that you will can definitely be held accountable if something goes wrong in or around your new swimming pool. It is important to purchase a homeowners warranty for the pool, and look into liability insurance. Even if the person swimming is your best friend, you never know if they’ll hold you responsible for any hospital bills. There are so many people that are shocked when a close friend hands them the bill for something, or their parents decide to sue you when you get into a car accident together. Never overestimate a friend when a tragedy is partially your fault. Legal and hospital bills are expensive. You should protect yourself as much as possible.

So what if you do want a pool, but you don’t like the design of the one that comes with the house. Unfortunately, you’ll have to decide if you’re able to overlook it. If you are going to stare at everything you don’t like all the time, you should buy a different house. If the cosmetic changes aren’t too complicated, such as putting new tiles around the pool, you shouinteresting-dream-house-with-swimming-pool-with-roof-tile-plus-small-garden-beside-outdoor-living-then-tube-beside-awesome-poolldn’t necessarily consider the pool a deal breaker. But, if you hate everything about it, that will only get worse over time. You should also take caution and look into the history regarding the pool. Don’t just take the sellers word for it when they say that there’s nothing wrong with the pool. If you’re smart, you’ll have it fully inspected before putting an offer in on the house.

One thing you can be excited about is that pools don’t tack on a whole lot of extra money in the list price, as they aren’t factored too much into the appraibeautiful-white-house-with-swimming-pool-beautiful-houses-with-swimming-pool-for-sale-pictures-of-beautiful-houses-with-swimming-poolssal. For example, if you live in a cold climate, the ‘comps’ aren’t going to show much difference in the value of the home. It could be a different story if you live in a hotter climate. Installing a pool is a
very time-consuming and draining process. Choosing tile, lining, fountains. These are things that take serious time, as you’ll only install the pool once and you want to be certain that you love everything you picked out. Of course, you’ve also got to keep your budget in mind and be realistic by realizing that if you’re budget is small, your pool isn’t going to look like the pictures in this article. However, being able to pick your own lighting, the location, and the size and shape of the pool is exciting.

Having a pool can be very exciting and lots of good times will likely be shared at your home if you have one. The key to remember is that when buying a house that has a pool, or you plan to install one in it, you’ve got to think carefully about the legal and financial responsibility that comes with it.

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  • We really wanted a house with a pool, and while we did find one, we weren’t crazy about the design of the pool. We didn’t like the tiles around it, and we wanted to add different fountains, among other things. It was expensive to re-landscape a little bit, and purchase and install all of those materials, but it was worth it to us.

    • Hi Harold! Glad you all had a great time re-designing the pool. Many people want to do this when they look at a home with a pool, but they simply can’t afford to re-design the whole pool, or they don’t want to deal with it. So glad it worked out for you both!

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